Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One pot, one chicken

Last night I was feeling ambitious and decided to make something fancy for a weeknight. I liked the idea of braising so I decided to make this Chicken in Riesling, which I'd spotted in Gourmet over a year ago. There are people that remember sports scores from seasons past, and those that can rattle off lines from movies--I am neither. But, I do get recipes lodged in my brain, and even though it might take me a long time, I usually get around to them.

The chicken turned out great, although it was not the 1-hour commitment the recipe promised. It took about an hour and half from start to finish. But it was worth it! First of all, I love a dinner that comes together in one pot. Second, the smell of chicken browning in my Le Creuset can smooth the roughest edge of the crummiest Monday. Throw in some butter, leeks that simply melt the longer they cook, and you're halfway there. And, carrots. Have I mentioned how I feel about carrots? Along with celery, they are one of my favorite vegetables. All this, along with a bit of Riesling, goes into the oven and simmers snugly away for 25 minutes. And, just to gild the lily, you add heavy cream at the very end.

As it turns out, I did not take any photographs of the completed dish. I guess I'm not as on top of it as some of these other food bloggers who take photographs at every step. And by the time I'm done cooking whatever it is I'm making, I want to eat it, not bumble around with my camera.

However, I do have a lovely photograph of the carrots, in all their glory.

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  1. I like the sound of that recipe even though I dislike chicken. Cream makes almost any dish better. I signed up for a box from Farm Fresh to you again. This time they're delivering to my house. I'm hopeful...