Sunday, May 31, 2009

Movies to skip, plus another pot roast

The husband and I have had some bad luck with movies over the last few weeks. Here is a list of ones we attempted to watch recently and stopped part-way through:

"Rachel Getting Married"
"Cadillac Records"
"Paul Blart: Mall Cop"
"Tropic Thunder"

Yes, I'm embarrassed about #4. But I included it to show that we really are not movie snobs--while I may love Pedro Almodovar films, I also liked "Old School."

We've been wanting to watch something funny, since we're both battling self-diagnosed cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's been gray and foggy and downright depressing here for days. I'm not kidding when I say that if someone offered one of us a job in L.A., we'd be packed and barreling down the 5 before you could say "Mystic Tan."

On the bright side, crap weather is good for one thing: comfort food. Last night I reprised the pot roast of a few months back. This time our local butcher gave us a slightly different cut of meat than what we have gotten in the past. The husband was the one who picked it up but he couldn't recall what it was, otherwise I would tell you. The recipe calls for "chuck" which is always good for a few laughs in our house at my expense because for some reason, my dad would sometimes call me Chuck when I was little. The husband thinks this is very funny and always wants to know why my dad chose that nickname when it bears no resemblance to my real name. Why? Who knows. Old DJ took that one to the grave.

In any case, it was cut like more of a roast than a slab. Stop me if I'm getting too technical here. Along with lots of wine, I added spring onions from our produce box, plus carrots and peas, and served it over buttered noodles. It turned out pretty well and I'm pleased to say momentarily lifted us from our bad-movie-bleak-weather funk.


  1. Paul Blart? Say it isn't so! I did see Hot Rod again this weekend. Yes, I said again. I like that movie for some reason.

    Food looks yummy! Wish my produce box would come...

  2. The pot roast looks like it would hit the spot on one of these unseasonably cool weekends we have been having.

    oh, and you have been linked!

  3. Thanks, Mark! You are the first one to link me, very exciting. I've returned the favor.

    Cee: Hot Rod? really? Well, who am I to judge...