Thursday, December 29, 2011

That's a wrap

You probably thought I was done for, but here I am, trying to resuscitate this thing before we shut down 2011. The year has flown by--for all of us, I'm sure. I remember an older cousin once saying to me that life just went faster and faster as you got older. I didn't entirely understand how that was possible, or why it was a worrisome thing, but now I appreciate it in full. Life spins along with or without you; if you're lucky, you can steer a little and take snapshots along the way.

Overall, it's been a great year.  It started off rough--we lost Frances in January, which broke my heart. But, the thing about life propelling forward is that eventually the hard or sad things get further away and you start to pick up happy and even fantastic things to focus on. Like traveling to wonderful places, or welcoming new members into your family.

Now, all of a sudden, the year is coming to a close. I generally feel neither excited nor melancholy about the holidays; however, this year was a little bit special. Someone I love very much had a serious health scare in the months leading up to the holidays, the kind of situation which demands that you be optimistic while quietly steeling yourself for the unknown. I am delighted to say that good news has prevailed, lending a true sense of joy to the the season. Whether you thank a god or a lucky star, these are the times one simply surrenders to the deepest feelings of gratitude.

To wrap up the year, I've put together a little highlight reel of the past year, food and otherwise.

1) We went to Paris and Barcelona, where we ate, drank, walked, and marveled for two weeks.

First day in Paris, jetlagged and happy.

2) I made a very average strawberry shortcake, which turned out to be my most popular post of all time.

Pretty but boring.

3) We found Sophie.


4) The husband ventured into the kitchen and made clam chowder, giving me a run for my money.

Not bad, even if it was from Esquire.

5) I spent a fabulous day with my sister in New York and ate the famous Momofuku Ssam Bar pork buns, the thought of which still sends me into a dreamy little daze.

Porky pork belly, I'll take two please.

6) We celebrated the husband's birthday on a beautiful, not-foggy day in August at Delfina.

Prosecco to ring in the next year!

7) I became obsessed with both Dorie Greenspan and sardines.

Dorie's sardine rillettes.

8) I had a blogging crisis and started talking about non-food things, which overall seemed to be met positively.

The subject of one of my ramblings.

9) I overcame my dislike of eggs. Sorry, cholesterol!

I ate eggs at home and abroad.

10) We went to Maui and began seriously considering a permanent move to the island.

If you don't want to live here, something is wrong with you.

I hope you all have enjoyed a happy and healthy year, and I wish you the same for 2012!

Hungry Dog

Me and my girl at Pizzetta 211.


  1. Now that's quite a year! Glad the news was good, the travel was fun and, best of all, your new dog found you.

  2. Sounds like an amazing year, here's looking forward to The Hungry Dog 2012!

  3. This is a great wrap to the year. Looking back on it I can see that a lot happened, and now that we have Sophie I think 2012 is gonna be superb.

    That isn't really a scowl in that first picture -- it's a squint.

    Love ya,
    The Huz

  4. I couldn't beat the year you just had with a stick! All the best for 2012.

  5. Zoom: Thank you--and happy to new year to you!

    Sue: Thanks, and best wishes to you in the new year!

    slimmy: We had a good year, didn't we?!

    cookie: Thanks, and the same to you!

  6. Happy new year! Here's to another delightful year of travel, friends new and old, delicious food and happy outcomes. I hope the Hungry Dog keeps going in 2012 as it is a bright spot in my week :)

  7. that strawberry shortcake does look pretty damn divine!

  8. Happy New Year to you! May your 2012 be filled with family, friends and plenty of good travel and food in the new year.

    I have really enjoyed your blog posts with food and/or otherwise. It's all good. I like your style and enjoy your humor.


  9. Ash: And the same to you, my friend! xoxo

    Tia: It was a pretty little dessert, I admit. Thanks for stopping by!

    Velva: Thank you, and happy new year to you as well. Hope you're enjoying some warm weather in FL!

  10. Happy New Year! Hope 2012 brings you much happiness and good food. :)

  11. Great recap, have a wonderful New Year's! And that persimmon crostata looks so good, I hope I have time to make it soon!

  12. camille: Thank you, and wishing you the same!

    Connie: Give it a try--just do the persimmons a bit differently so they cook all the way through...Happy new year!

  13. you've had an eventful year, complete with lots of learning and growing. it's been a pleasure riding along with you from time to time--happy new year!

  14. Happy New Year!!!!! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings you!

  15. grace: That is a good way of describing my year. Happy new year to you as well!

    Jessica: And the same to you!

  16. Happy 2012 HD! So glad everything with your loved one worked out right before the holidays. It's nice to end the year, especially one as full as yours, on an up note. Looking forward to a repeat this year! :)

  17. Ben: Thank you for your kind wishes! Look forward to more of your adventures in 2012 too.

  18. What an amazing year, even though it did start with some sadness. So happy that you're going to keep going with the blog, I always enjoy my visits here and look forward to many more posts in 2012 :) Salut!

  19. shaz: Thank you so much--I truly value you as a reader and love your blog as well. Happy new year on the other side of the world!

  20. ahhh such wonderful pictures! I'm glad hungry dog lives on, you had quite a year! btw, I got an iPad which really misbehaves when I try to comment on blogs... I swear I commented previously but apparently not! here's to a joyous 2012

  21. foodhoe: Thank you, ma'am! And best wishes to you too in 2012.