Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The 7-year hiatus I the first person in the history of the world to return to a blog after a 7-year hiatus?

I actually thought I'd lost The Hungry Dog. I put it aside for awhile, a few years, and then one day, maybe three or four years ago, I went to find a recipe and the blog was gone! Too long since I'd logged in or something; everything was gone. I felt pretty sad. I mean, I spent a lot of time writing all those posts. 

But then today, while going through some old recipe emails, I came across a link to an old post and to my surprise, it worked! So. Here we are. Although, I doubt anyone still reads blogs, unless it's done ironically.

A few things have happened in the world since May 2014. For starters, our country elected a lunatic for President, who actually served a full term! Boy, does it feel good to be on the other side of that now. Adults are in charge! And, we elected the first female Vice President! That's pretty huge. 

We also had a pandemic, in case you didn't know. That's been a real treat. And there's tons of stuff that is just too depressing to get into...domestic terrorists storming the Capitol, anti-vaxxers, wildfires, floods, buildings collapsing, asshole billionaires rocketing into space, but even worse, returning. It's a lot.

Here at the Hungry Dog household, we've also had some changes. So, first, we no longer live in San Francisco! We left in 2018 and spent a strange, stimulating, and surreal year in Los Angeles. We lived in the middle of the city, which, like some things in life, somehow turned out to be the best and the worst at the same time. We were five minutes from LACMA, Petit Trois, Connie & Ted's, Mozza, etc--but about two minutes from the saddest states of human existence you can imagine. We were one block from one of the fancier neighborhoods in L.A., but also one block from tent encampments. Our bikes got stolen from the locked bicycle storage in our building. And one day, the abandoned meth house next to our apartment building went up in flames and we had to be evacuated. It was...rough. On the upside, L.A. is hands-down the most interesting and diverse place I've ever lived, and the food absolutely rivals San Francisco's. We lived within minutes of Koreatown, Little Armenia, and Filipinotown. 

In 2019 we hit the road and headed to San Diego, which is where we've been ever since. San Diego is a very pretty, easy, simple place to live. It's not very interesting and the food is overall pretty lame. But, did I mention how pretty it is? And how easy it is? Everything takes 10 minutes to get to. It's been a great respite after L.A., and the ideal place to ride out Covid. 

Other stuff hasn't changed. Same jobs. Same huz. Same pup. Although, sweet Soph has entered her golden years. Much as we did for Frannie, the original Hungry Dog, we've got an elaborate caretaking schedule to tend to her every need. It's hard, but I know it's a lucky thing, too. To have a dog that lives a long life is what you want, right?

Anyway, that about catches us up. I might start posting again; our cooking in San Diego is vastly different than it was in SF. We have a grill here, and that's been fun. I finally understand not wanting to turn on the oven in the summer. In San Francisco, we did it to heat up the house on cold July days. Life is funny.

Hope you're all well, and thanks to anyone who actually read this.