Saturday, December 21, 2013

Last bites

If there is anyone out there who actually wants to make or eat more Christmas cookies, here's a little trio I made recently that were a pretty big hit:

Ginger-spiced molasses cookies
Espresso shortbreads
Pierre Herme chocolate sables

Christmas is upon us in a big way and while I have only a medium-interest in the holiday itself, not being remotely religious, nor having children to ruin with piles of gifts, I do enjoy some things about the season. For one thing, time off. Even for the self-employed, there is time off (it's just unpaid). Also, there's some holiday cheer to be had. And finally, I soak up the spirit of generosity that seems to overcome many of us.

While this season is a joyful one for lots of us, it's also difficult for many. Therefore, I encourage you to donate either time or money if you have either to spare to help make others' experiences of these next few weeks a little better. Some ideas if you need them (and only the first happens to be a client, so don't think this is a plug of self-interest):

Family House
San Francisco/Marin Food Bank
Meals on Wheels
On Lok Lifeways
Toys for Tots
PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support)

This is my last post for the year, as we are off to Kentucky in a few days.  So, see y'all in 2014. Best wishes from me, the huz, Soph, and Santa Hedgie.