Monday, October 10, 2011

Maui Zowee

Returning from vacation is full of lies. You tell yourself that you're happy to be in your own bed, with all your stuff around you. You say you're tired of eating out all the time. Maybe you claim to miss your friends. The most outrageous lie is that you're fully refreshed and ready to go back to work. Honestly, these things are only, at best, half true. I can put up with a mediocre bed if each morning I'm getting up and within an hour I'm swimming in the ocean. I can tolerate eating at restaurants three meals a day if it's a steady rotation of the freshest Ahi, mahi mahi, and opakapaka I've ever had--grilled, in tacos, as sushi, or straight-up sashimi. And, I love my friends, but I don't miss them when I'm on vacation. (I'm not even addressing the work lie.)

Thank goodness for Sophie, otherwise we wouldn't have returned. I mean, why would I want to leave this?

We spent nearly the entire trip in the water or on the sand. Of course, there was eating. Hawaii may not be known for its food, and that's certainly not the reason we go there, but that doesn't mean there isn't good food to be found. Like Star Noodle in LaHaina, where they pull their own noodles. I got the Hapa Ramen, since I'm a Hapa and all.

It was delicious. I especially liked how they brought out a tiny set of sauces to doctor it up.

Miniature seemed to be a theme, based on the teeny glass the husband got for his beer ("Bikini Blonde" by the Maui Brewing Company).

The husband was very pleased with the beer, the noodles, and his new Star Noodle hat.

OMG, he's cute!

We also had a stand-out lunch at Mama's Fish House. Ok, let's just get it out of the way: this place is expensive. My sandwich was $38. But it was beyond worth it. The menu changes every day and includes the name of the person that caught the fish you are about to eat. That's how local it is.

The food was fantastic and the view from our table was:

We had a gorgeous trio of sashimi to start.

For an entree, I had a panko-battered mahi mahi sandwich on a homemade onion roll with creamy, tangy tartar sauce, accompanied by coleslaw with pineapple and edamame and light-as-air taro chips. I forget what the husband had, fish of course, I think with ratatouille. I don't have any good pictures of these, so you'll have to use your imagination.

We were too full for dessert but they brought us some haupia which I enjoyed in spite of my anti-coconut stance. When in Rome Maui...

Tragically, vacation can't last forever. Leaving felt like a kick in the stomach. But, we'll be back. In a year if not sooner.

Aloha and Mahalo, Maui!


As you might expect, engagements, weddings, and honeymoons are big in Hawaii. We saw a few weddings just by chance, including this intimate one which occurred one evening at sunset right in front of us.

Also, while on a boat trip out to Molokini, we met a lovely couple who were to be married a few days later in Wailea. What a beautiful place to get married! we said and wished them well. 

They asked us if we were on our honeymoon, which I thought was cute, since we're six years into marriage and 11 years plus together. That actually happened a few times on the trip, which probably isn't unusual--like I said, people (including us) go there on their honeymoon. But I'm glad to know we could still be mistaken for newlyweds. We really do have fun together, I have to say, both on vacation and at home. Every day I thank my lucky stars we bumbled across each other on this big old planet.


In case you're interested, the title of this post is a pun on one my favorite albums--Wowee Zowee--by one of my favorite bands, Pavement.  

Recently I've been wondering what the hell happened to my interest in music. I mean, I like music. But I never seem to discover new stuff, unless the husband turns me on to something. The last time this happened was with Broken Bells. That was probably about a year ago.

Other people are always discovering music. It comes up all the time. People asking if I've heard this or bought that. I'm always like, uh, no. I'm still listening to music from the mid-90's, when I graduated from college. It's like my music growth got stunted when I entered adulthood. Even the husband is discovering bands --when, I'm not sure. I guess people secretly search for music while I'm watching TV, spacing out, or eating--my primary at-home hobbies.

I'm going to rectify this situation.  I can't be 65 years old and still talking about bands I loved in college. I at least need to add to the list of favorites. Seriously.


  1. OK, you beat me: I have yet to pay $38 for a sandwich. I think whenever I see a sandwich over $25 on the menu, I skip it.

    Welcome back! I just got back from Honolulu and miss the beach, too! But I didn't get a chance to see such beautiful sunsets because I always had to rush off to meet my family for dinner. I have to fly to Maui, next time, I think so I can get some vacation shots like yours! ;-)

    For music, I blame it all on iTunes. With downloading, I think it's harder to "discover" music because we don't get to go into a music store any more to explore and listen to CDs on the listening stations. Now I discover music when I hear a cool band on "Ellen" or one of the late-night shows! Hehe

  2. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon what seems like a million years ago! And have been back several times since. I agree....I wanted to stay forever, but then I feel that way about most islands we visit. There's just something about lazing around on the beach and in the water. It's addictive.

    As far as music is kids clue me in, so I keep pretty much up to date. Here's a funny teenaged granddaughter knows ALL the words to ALL the 70's songs....her dad played them over and over when she was a kid. :)

  3. I love the new treatment of the photos Sam! And so glad you're still blogging, was a little worried there for a while.

    No wonder you love Hawaii, I feel like I could live there.

    I'm the same with music, hubby turned me on to Broken Bells too! And a couple of days ago he played me the catchiest little number from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. My music growth got stunted when I stopped listening to live radio - bit hard with kids around and potential swearing by DJs :).

  4. Ben: I know. $38 is silly. But what can I say...we live large on vacation!

    Barbara: Lucky you, between your kids & grandkids you have a built-in system for keeping up with pop culture!

    shaz: Still posting, just not as much. And thanks about the photos...just an app on the good old iPhone.

  5. As always, your food descriptions make me drool. Hawaiian fruit does the same thing, the tropical fruit is so much tastier than anything here in the contiguous 48.

    New music? Check out to stream music similar to the songs/artists you enter. Or look into to listen to almost anything, anytime after you install the program on your PC. 90s music is fair game!

    While I'm sharing links, thought you might like this one about food videography:


  6. Hawaii is great. I could leave tomorrow. Your pictures bring back great memories!

  7. I love this post and you are right about vacations and coming back from vacations. I left my heart in Hawaii and can't wait to go back!

  8. I'm sending you the Drive soundtrack. It's new music and I want someone else to love it, too.

  9. omg! i've never had an occasion to break that one out, but it tickles me that you did. glad you had a nice trip; i'm obviously green with envy. :)

  10. SO glad you guys had a great trip. Love your post about lies. The worst part about living on the East Coast is that we are that much farther away from Hawaii (and you two). Kula says, hi home!

    Question for the hungrydog blog: Is it too early to plan the Thanksgiving menu?

  11. yes pandora is a good thing... Maui sounds so fabulous! I went once while I was an extremely underfunded student (ie eating vending machine food and dining at the local equivalent of 7-11). I want to try a sandwich that is beyond it's worth no matter the cost! Your man is adorable, actually you both are and look like glow newlyweds...

  12. Cody: Hey, cuz! Nice to see you here. Thanks for the music recs--have yet to explore Spotify, maybe today!

    Jan: Don't know where you live but maybe you should book a trip to the islands!

    ALY: Yeah. We are destined to live in Hawaii one way or another, just love it there.

    Cee: Awesome. So glad to see you here! :)

    grace: I found my inner teenaged girl.

    Claire: We should plan a Hawaii vacay together next year! And no, never to early to start planning thanksgiving. First step, buy your plane tickets to SF.

    foodhoe: You need to go back, for sure. It's a lovely, lovely place (and full of delicious things to eat!)

  13. A good vacation always inspires me when I return home. Looks like you guys had a fabulous vacation.

    I have never been to Hawaii would love to go.

    Welcome home.

  14. Velva: Thank you! I hope you get to Hawaii someday.

  15. Envious! I used to live there (Oahu). And you are both (especially you) oh, so cute.

  16. What a dreamy place! I'm going there later this year and so can't wait to get there. ;)

  17. cookie: aw, thanks!

    CJ: Have a wonderful time (how could you not?)

  18. Perhaps if I had serenaded you as an infant with Elvis Presley songs and music from the late 50's and 60's, you could delight me in my golden age with nostalgic oldies. My misstep perhaps, but from the first day you were here, you were my Sun-child and still are, especially as reflected in your Hawaiian adventures. Beach, ocean, food and love all in the sun with Mr. Wonderful! Happiness so reflected touches all of us. MOM

  19. Mom: well, YOU could still listen to the golden oldies! Maybe I should pick some new (old) music up for you too!

  20. Dang, that mahi mahi sandwich sounds outta this world! What an awesome trip, can't wait to visit there one day.

    And Broken Bells totally rules. If you like that you might want to check out the album Rome, another Danger Mouse collaboration that is fantastic.

  21. What a wonderful time...I am in awe of the restaurant where the name of the fisherman is on the menu...I want to go there!!!

  22. Connie: I hope you get there! It's a lovely, magical place.

    Sue: I've never seen that before either and was totally charmed by it!

  23. Fun photos and it sounds like a great trip. We are headed to the Big Island and Oahu in November and I can't wait! Hawaii is still my heart's home, even though I haven't lived there in 40 years.

  24. Zoomie: Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you post about your trip after you go. And, I hope you have a wonderful time!

  25. I keep getting chuckles from your comments on Cookiecrumb's blog, so I decided to stop by. Like Arnold, I'll be back...

  26. I know what you mean - music used to be one of my all-consuming passions. Guess I got busy consuming food instead! :) I have a good friend who works in the music industry, I rely on her to tell me if I'm missing anything good. Also, Nick and I listen to All Songs Considered on NPR, which is both a fun listen and a great resource.

  27. camille: Lucky you to have a friend in the music industry! Your idea about ATC is good though, I like that show and need to make a point of listening to it more. Thanks!

  28. I love the gushiness of this post - about the husband, the food, the island. It's great. E has never been to Hawaii. We need to fix this in the new year. As for music, check out a few of these on iTunes and see what you think (I can burn you some too): the Low Anthem, Devotchka, Justin Townes Earle, the Decemberists, and for the husband's southern roots, the Infamous Stringdusters. I also liked Ollabelle at Hardly Strictly this year. Ryan Adams is an oldie but goodie.

  29. Ash! Thanks for the music recs. I've recently gotten into the Decemberists and will check out the other ones you mentioned. I'm trying to be better about using Shazam when I hear something I like on the radio. Love Ryan Adams (and Whiskeytown even more, but that's getting back to older music...must stay current!!)

  30. Look at the two of you! So cute, I can barely stand it!