Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good soup, fussy cook

Now here's a nice little soup for y'all, to get you through the workaday week. Who couldn't use a comforting soup right about now? January always feels long to me. Sure, some of you just had a long weekend. But for those of us punching our own clock, Monday was a work day like plenty of others.

I'm feeling beaten down a bit by the routine, in spite of the fact that my routine is not routine, that it's a heck of a lot better than a lot of people's day-to-day.  But I still have to work to survive, a concept I suspect I will struggle with until the day I exit this world, seeing as I will probably have to work until I drop dead. 

While I find this rather depressing, it's reality. Meanwhile, the husband and I continue to daydream about our inevitable our move to Hawaii, where we will develop a taste for poi, shiver in weather that dips below 70, have dogs with unpronounceable Hawaiian names, and flaunt year-round tans. Please don't tell me that people have to work in Hawaii, or that sometimes they are unhappy: I will surely cry.

So, yeah. I need a vacation. Big time. For now, though, I can take comfort in simple dishes like this one, which was stress-free to put together and delicious to eat. Despite its pedestrian ingredients and rather dull name (sausage, chickpea, and potato soup), this was a hit. I shall certainly make it again, although next time I plan to add some kale or chard; it cried out for a bitter green, both in taste and appearance. Even without it, though, it did the job of soothing my fussy nerves and getting me through another day.


  1. Mmm, this looks so warm and inviting! Your photography is so beautiful, too. Looking forward to exploring your recipes and seeing what’s next! – Georgia

  2. That is a perfect soup to warm ya up during the blah days of winter. As for your fantasy escape to Hawaii -- please take me with you! LOL

  3. Hearty soups like these keep me going in the winter! I like to make a big pot and make it last through the week.

  4. There is nothing pedestrian about 'sausage, chickpea, and potato soup.' It's like saying 'sitting by a warm fire on a cold night is boring,' or 'I let out a big yawn when I first saw the Statue of Liberty.' Yeah, just because everyone already knows about it doesn't mean it's not totally awesome.

    And I love Hawaii.

  5. Georgia: thank you, and thanks for stopping by! Loved checking out your blog too.

    CJ: I guess I'm not the only one dreaming of a tropical getaway...

    Jessica: Exactly the right idea!

    Rich: Good point. And, glad to meet another Hawaii lover.

  6. Will your Hawaiian getaway include a bungalow for East Coast guests seeking a reprieve from the snow? I'm also into soup these days as it's a quick (usually) one-dish dinner and becomes a good lunch to perk up long days at the office. (Do you remember when Dad would send us to school with won ton soup in a thermos?) I'll be trying your recipe, plus kale...

  7. When cold happens, soup happens. This looks like it would take care of one's fussy behavior. I think it is a good idea to add a bit of green too.

    Should I mention that I live n Florida so, my fantasy does not involve a tropical getaway but, being 5'8 and weighing 135-lbs no matter how much I eat is on my fantasy list ( I know so shallow but, hey it's a fantasy).

    As always, great post.

  8. I definitely fantasize about not having to work, though I feel the same way you do: I'll never even be able to retire. Thankfully, we can always take comfort in something delicious to eat! :)

  9. Hang in there Hungry Dog. You know you're always welcome to visit sunny Sydney if you want a holiday :) Actually, Hawaii sounds more fun, I think I'll visit you instead (dreams can definitely come true.)

    Love the soup, bookmarking it for when I get a case of the winter blues, and I'd probably add cabbage to it.

  10. Yikes! You ARE on a downer. Definitely a vacation needed, if only for a few days. A change of scene is all.
    Unfortunately, you'd have to work in Hawaii too. But you'd have nights and weekends. :)
    The soup is looking good; yes, some kale would be perfect.
    Day at a time, my friend, day at a time.

  11. It has been such a cold winter that new soup recipes always sound original combination too.

  12. Yeah, I'm totally in need of a bit of comfort food too. The weather is a bit crap, and I'm feeling tired. Thank god its friday, thats for sure! Hope you get a little rest and fun!
    *kisses* HH

  13. Looks good to me. this cold weather is really getting to me!

  14. i think frances is a much better name for a pooch than some random hawaiian word. :)
    hang in there!

  15. I love the idea of adding kale or chard...would be a nice addition. BTW, I just got back from holiday and already want to be on vacation. So I hear you! Time to plan something. Just the planning part makes me happy.