Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flying solo

The husband is traveling on business this week, leaving me to my own devices. Cooking isn't quite as interesting for one person, it turns out. So I've been eating strange dinners.

The first night, I ate some leftover roast chicken, along with the last piece of Paradise Pizza from over the weekend, and a scruffy little salad made up of some borderline butter lettuce and a questionable carrot. What's up with that?

Then, last night, I made chicken salad. Now you know I love chicken salad, but it's generally more of a lunch thing for me. But last night I mixed it up and put it on toast. Unfortunately, the bread fell apart and so I chucked the toast altogether and just dumped the salad in a bowl and ate it like that. With some tortilla chips on the side. And two glasses of wine. And my last Valentine chocolate.

I also have to mention that on top of missing the husband, work has been crummy this week. I try to keep work out of this blog because who wants to read about someone else's job? But, today was a little traumatic. The place I work is going to undergo some major changes immediately and my job may not remain intact. Even if it remains intact, I'm not sure I'd want to work there anymore.

So, while still technically employed for the short-term, I need to find a new job ASAP.

On the one hand, it's not good to have to look for another job. I've only been there a year and a half, and I wasn't planning on leaving yet.

On the other hand, it might be time for a change. Maybe a new career, and possibly a new place. I think the three of us would be very happy in Los Angeles. I'm picturing a little bungalow in Venice Beach or a garden apartment in Santa Monica. I wouldn't mind trading the hills and fog for flat streets and year-round sunshine, at least for awhile.

I ran the idea by Frances as I put my dinner together tonight. She seemed to be listening intently to every word, or maybe she was just staring at my piece of fish.

Pan-roasted salmon with arugula, radish, and mango salad. Doesn't that look sunny?

Making dinner put me in a slightly better mood. I put on some music while I cooked and shared some mango with Frances, who found it to her liking. Instead of feeling bad, I started to feel a little bit excited.  I wonder what the future will hold.


  1. If Frances was moving her eyebrows up and down while you were talking, she was probably listening. Nice looking dinner there....

  2. What a gorgeous plate! It DOES look like sunshine. As I was reading, my heart was saying, "oh, Hungry Dog, don't leave SF. How will I ever get to meet you?" But then I love the weather in SF. I think hot weather is overrated...

    What I love best about this post is the last sentence. When we don't know what's going to happen, we make it up. And we usually make it up according to our fears, not our hopes. I like it that you're operating in the hope end of things.

  3. Oh good luck Hungry Dog! That's a great way of looking at the coming changes, as and exciting opportunity.

    And look at that dinner, what a gorgeous array of colours. I admire your determination to have salad - if I was faced with butter lettuce and a carrot and no one to tsk, tsk, I'd have fed the salad stuff to the compost worms instead ;P

  4. ah, change is in the air, i can feel it. i can empathize with ya--good luck in facing whatever comes your way next!
    meanwhile, your supper of choice is decidedly sunny and bright--in your face, winter! :)

  5. As I read this, I started to smile... having a vision of you and Francis dancing, having a bottle of wine and acting a little silly; enjoying a 'girls-only week' ~ knowing no one was watching!

    Sounds like you also are doing a good job at finishing off that chicken...

  6. Definitely a cheerful dinner! And way to look on the bright side! We went through a period last fall (ok, it was ALL of last fall) where we weren't sure if we would be staying in Paris. It made me sad, but when we started considering our options (including SF, incidentally) and weighing the pros of each one, I got a little excited, too. Itturned out that we get to stay, about which I am very happy, but we still have to look for a new apartment, which sucks. Anyway, just saying that I sympathize, and I know that wherever the future leads, you'll find the good in it.

  7. Good luck! Just keep blogging, whatever you do. :)

    That salmon looks lovely, I'd definitely eat it. Heh.

  8. Oh, it would be sad if you left the Bay Area. But I understand the need for a change of scenery. And Santa Monica is really nice. But do you really want to exchange fog with smog? ;-) That mango salad does look like a nice way to brighten up the day!

  9. Oh HD, that plate looks lovely and I ♥ your attitude and honesty about what may/not happen!A job change can be both a threat and an opportunity....and a great but scary time for change. Whatever happens, I trust it will be well!

  10. Tracey: don't you love Frances's eyebrows? I think they are so cute.

    Kate: Well, we may NOT leave SF, we do like it here, after all. I would love to meet you next time you visit. And, I always think, you can't stop change from happening, so you may as well try and make something good of it.

    shaz: well, some of the lettuce did make its way to the compost bin... ;)

    grace: thank you!

    george: your vision is about right! :) And yep, finished off the chicken (with a little help from the dog)

    camille: thanks! I'm excited about the future, no matter what I end up doing for work or where we live. After all, nothing is permanent, so what's to be afraid of?

    Bob: oh, if I end up unemployed I'll be blogging WAY more...though about recipes with decidedly cheaper ingredients, I'm sure.

    Ben: yeah, the smog. I know. I lived there for four years, and it was kind of gross. but you know what the smog does give you? Beautiful sunsets. It's messed up, but true.

    Ozoz: Thank you for your confidence in me! I feel good now...but check back in a few months and see if I'm a wreck.

  11. When I'm alone, I could live on crunchy peanut butter sandwiches and bowls of cereal. :) Good luck in making all those decisions. Your attitude and optimism is great.

  12. crap, just lost my comment... you must add the option to comment as name/url please. Lost my train of thought, but the santa monica farmers market is fabulous. and Frances looks so hopeful and optimistic, how could you not feel better after such a lovely meal.

  13. Sorry to hear about the work travails. But take it from one who got laid off in 2008 -- there is life after the job you have. And you will survive no matter what happens. Change is never easy. But sometimes the end result is a whole lot brighter and better. ;)

  14. Im sorry your job is not a happy place right now.... :( When my hubbie is away I never cook yummy things like you do. My standard meal is Nutella and peanut butter on a spoon.

  15. oneordinaryday: peanut butter sandwiches, good idea. That may be what I have for lunch!

    foodhoe: So sorry! How do I add that option? My security is just set the default options--I'll go in and have a look.

    Food Gal: That's the attitude I'm opting for as well...and actually, I'd love to talk to you about you launched your site. I'll email you offline.

    figtree: Nutella. Nutella! I'm off to the store.

  16. I can see why your dinner perked you up-it's quite nice.

    Change and the unknown can cause a lot of stress. Relax, kick-back and try to keep it in perspective. I have always found a good bottle of wine can help move my mind to a happy place :-)

  17. Hungry Dog, I agree it's not as fun to cook for one person. But you rose to the occasion with that fabulous Salmon and salad. What a gorgeous picture. It truly does look like sunshine.

    There is something to be said for the weather in LA. But I love the idea of you in San Francisco. When I dine in a restaurant you've recommended, I always say "Hungry dog at here". It's a virtual connection.
    I agree with Kate, the last sentence in your blog really warmed my heart. I'm glad your feeling excited about the possibilities. Good luck Hungry Dog!

  18. Velva: thank you for your advice, you are right! Keeping perspective is crucial. As is wine.

    Pam: Thank you for the warm wishes. And, I LOVE that I've infiltrated your dining experiences! :) Seriously, it makes me happy. Will keep you posted as to any major moves--if I move to LA I can still recommend restaurants for your layovers!

  19. Francis = Adorable. But of course you know that! When I'm just cooking for myself, it's like a Mad Scientist Convention in the kitchen. For serious - some crazy/scary meals emerge! Thanks for sharing your sweet post about Flying Solo!