Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bad mood blondies

On Thursday, someone smashed the rear window of our car. It was parked at the train station and the husband discovered it in dismay at the end of the work day. Nothing was taken, because we leave nothing in the car, which you can tell very plainly from the outside. So whoever did it just to do it.

Frankly, what I find most offensive of all is that the window was smashed not just with any bottle but with a San Pellegrino bottle. Perhaps it was one of the many BMW-drivers who also parks there, someone so repulsed by our car's weathered exterior they had to hurl their sparkling Italian water bottle through the glass. I won't lie to you: it's a 1990 Honda Civic with some serious battle scars. But hideous enough to merit an attack? Not even close.

Anyhow, the incident put me in a bad mood. I'm not a perfect person, but I try to be decent and considerate and not break other people's stuff. But I guess there are plenty of jerks out there looking to steal and vandalize things that belong to someone else just for the thrill of it. It's the kind of small event that can make me feel very down on the human race.

My tactic for occurrences like this it to try not to think about it. It's the old ostrich maneuver, which in plenty of cases is not a good thing (say, when it comes to your job, your relationships, your health) but in certain cases is very appropriate. When you cannot change something and could not have prevented it, you gotta keep on rolling.

Distracting yourself helps. So I decided to bake up some blondies. I love making blondies because they come together in a flash and create hardly any dishes. Plus I love that faintly burnt smell that you get when you blend melted butter and brown sugar.

These are from Mark Bittman. He says chocolate chips are optional, but who are we kidding? Of course, with a whole cup of chips in such a small batch, calling them blondies might be pushing it. But as you know from reading this blog, I'm no purist. I'm of the "do what you like" school of thought and this week, sweet, sticky, melty, chocolate blondies fit the bill.


  1. Sorry to hear about your window. That was a crappy thing to do. So glad to hear you made blondies, and that they have the power to make things better. A long time ago, you brought some to a family get together and I couldn't get them out of my mind -- they were that indelible. I think it was the amount of chips you used. I like to brown the butter a bit. Going to rummage around in the kitchen now, and try not to wake the kiddos.

  2. Oh no that is terrible!! I can imagine how frustrating it would be to be the target of senseless vandalism. At least your blondies look unbelievably delicious!!

  3. What a bummer - some people really give the human race a bad name.

    Those blondies really look like a great pick-me-up though. Have a better week next week!

  4. tracey: I'm glad my blondies made such a long-lasting impression! It is a great recipe.

    Megan: Thank you for your sympathy--and they WERE delicious! :)

    shaz: Thank you!--I know this week will be better.

  5. Dude, that sucks about the window...lot's of a-holes out there. I am glad you have righted their wrongs with some good old blondies.

  6. Hi Sam,
    I'm sorry to hear about your window!!!!!! But at least the Blondies were scrumptious :)

  7. egg to the apples: thanks for commiserating :)

    Ambitious: thanks! and who are you in real life?!

  8. Mmmmm... blondies. My favorite ones have browned butter and hazelnuts, though pecans are a close second. I agree with you about the chocolate chips - NOT optional in my kitchen, either! :)

    Vandalism sucks. Reason #6,047 why I'm glad not to have a car in Paris.

  9. chocolate? not optional.
    meanwhile, major bummer! i hate that that happened to you, and i hope karma deals with the culprit accordingly.

  10. Oh no about the car. That's awful! I'm glad that baking helped make you feel better. Truly, a pan of fresh, warm baked goods does wonders for the soul and spirit.

  11. croquecamille: browned butter and just blew my mind.

    Grace: Yes, this is certainly the kind of things that makes me want to believe in karma!

    Food Gal: Isn't that the truth? It feels good to make something with your hands... (and then eat it!)

  12. yes, I'd find that gooey melted chocolate-y thing very comforting too. I am drooling! Bummer about your car.

  13. wtf is wrong with people?! I could leave a bundle of cash in clear sight, sitting in my 15 yr old pimpmobile of a Geo Prizm, with the keys in the ignition, and no one would take it, but I've had the side mirror ripped off. I must say your what-if description of a disgruntled yuppie, drunk with overpriced bubbly water was pretty funny. I hope the baked goods did their work to ease a battered soul.

  14. foodhoe: I think blondies can temporarily solv e any problem.

    wasabiprime: ha! I like to know someone else out there is driving almost as ancient a car as me!