Monday, March 2, 2009

Road trip!

We're starting to plan a little road trip to L.A.! The husband has only been there once, and so we have a lot to see. I went to college in L.A. but that was long enough ago that a trip there seems like a new and exciting thing.

Not only are we ready for a little vacay, but we have some good friends who live there that we have been meaning to visit. Also, they might be moving out of state soon, and we're anxious to fit in at least one trip while they still live there. These friends, I miss them. The woman was one of my first friends freshman year of college, so it's coming up on 18 years that we've known each other. We were friends before either of us met our husbands, and saw each other through boyfriends, school troubles and successes, parent illnesses, death, babies, sibling drama, a cat, a dog, and various jobs. We even lived together for one year.

She met her husband early on in college and they got married a few years after we graduated. You couldn't find a better guy for your friend to marry. I went to their wedding in Texas, and seven years later she came to ours in California. I deeply, deeply love these friends.

They were among the first people my husband met when I convinced him to move across the country to a place where he knew no one. From the beginning, the husband told me he liked these friends better than almost anyone he'd met out here.

So, I'm excited. Los Angeles is one of my favorite places, and not purely for nostalgic reasons. It's a fun place, there's a lot to do, there's good food, and warm weather. I can't wait.

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