Monday, June 8, 2009

Still life, with fruit

Along with tomatoes, lots of summer fruit is turning up at the markets and in our produce box these days. Recently we've been getting yellow doll watermelons, little yellow peaches, and sweet, bright blueberries that I can eat by the handful. The husband likes fruit but isn't a maniac like me; I'm thrilled at the arrival of these lovely, fragile, time-sensitive fruits, as is Hungry Dog Jr. who sits at my feet while I pit and peel and slice, happy to lend an extra mouth.

This weekend I purchased raspberries and nectarines. I was starting to think about a cobbler, or maybe that raspberry buttermilk cake I've been dreaming of. But then, as so happens with good summer fruit, I couldn't bear to do anything with either of them except eat them alone. I did, however, take a few pictures.

I like this one because although it looks like a sink-sized colander filled with a bounty of raspberries, in actuality, it's a very small colander, probably about 2.5 inches in diameter, filled with less than a pint of berries. Why do I have a miniature colander? you ask. To go with my tiny whisk and tiny cast iron frying pan, completing my trifecta of miniature kitchen tools. I like small things. Kinda weird for a grown adult who's otherwise reasonably normal, but I know I'm not alone in my miniature fetish (I'm talking to you, JJ, PG, and SD).

The nectarines were also photo-worthy. I don't mean to be braggy, but I think my pictures are getting better. Although, it doesn't take a lot of talent to make something naturally beautiful look good. Just lots of light, a still hand, and the magical macro setting.


  1. The pictures are beautiful! And I, too, like minature kitchen things. I especially like mini cast iron skillets.

  2. Thanks, Cee! Someday maybe I'll fry you an egg in my mini-skillet. Might have to be a quail's egg though.

  3. The raspberry photo is marvelous